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Latest: Baths and Burgs...

My 16th and final German State Capital is the Hessian Spa town of Wiesbaden, home to hot springs, casinos, castles and palaces.
Wiesbaden, Deutschland Wiesbaden, Germany;
Friday 23 September - Sunday 26 September 2022
La Cité...Exploring the picturesque and ancient walled city of Carcassonne, as well as it's historic newer town along with a return visit to the Canal du Midi.
Carcassonne, France ;
Wednesday 14 September - Sunday 18 September 2022
Musées et Massifs...Heading into the French Alps to explore the old Dauphiné province and it's Capital, Grenoble, in search of Mountains and Museums.
Grenoble, France ;
Thursday 1 September - Monday 5 September 2022
Dino's, Dynamos and Donations... Exploring London's Victorian Cultural Quarter created by Prince Albert to Educate and Entertain.
London: South Kensington, England ;
Thursday 25 August - Monday 29 August 2022
Canals, Castles and Windmills... A picture perfect Dutch city, without the hoards of tourists. A ring of Canals, a ruined Castle and even a Windmill you can climb.
Leiden, Nederland Leiden, Netherlands;
Friday 05 August - Sunday 07 August 2022

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