Narvik; Thursday, 02 June, 2022

On exiting the snow shelter the train started itís descent back down towards the coast at Narvik. The ascent from LuleŚ had been going on most of the way during the previous 7 hours and 433 Kilometers. Now the line has to lose nearly 600m of elevation in just 40Km.

Sweden is a country of gentle scenery and lakes, Norway of mountains and Fjords and almost as if nature itself was complying the stereotypes within minutes we were descending through peaks of snow capped mountains and then opening up ahead of us was the Rombaksfjord, which we would now follow from the mountains high above itís head, along the mountain streams that feed into the head of the Fjord and then down the length of the fjord itself before it finally empties into the larger Ofotfjord close to the centre of Narvik.

The final 50 minutes of the journey were the most spectacular and all the guides that had said make sure youíre sat on the right-hand side of the train were correct.

We eventually pulled into Narvik on time, some 8 hours after we were scheduled to leave LuleŚ and from the station walked the short distance to our hotel for the night.

Mum wanted to freshen up and have a bit of a sit down, so I went for a wander down into the centre of town, in part to locate the easiest way of getting down to the bus stop for the next leg of our journey.

Back at the hotel we had a drink in the bar before deciding to eat in the hotelís restaurant, which again was excellent food, before turning in for the night Ė though with a west facing room, a sun that wasnít due to set for another 2 months and quite thin curtain, it wasnít the greatest of nights sleep.


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