Bedford; Friday, 06 October, 2023

I did a full days work from home before heading down to the station to pick up the train into London. In part due to earlier delays and in part due to an overtime strike that was taking place the trains were in a bit of a mess and I ended up catching the previous train that was running nearly 30 minutes late, which then proceeded to make back a bit of its delay so that I made it to London Bridge with enough time to spare to catch the train 30 minutes earlier than the one I had intended on catching.

The earlier train from London Bridge also had the advantage of having far fewer stops on route up to Bedford, so by the time I arrived in town I was 45 minutes earlier than planned.

I walked the mile from the station to the hotel and checked in before heading out to have a quick wander around town, but mostly to find somewhere for dinner which proved to be more difficult than I expected with most places either having no space, or nothing for well over an hour.

Eventually I manged to find a small Indian/Nepalese place quite close to the hotel which had tables free and it turned out to be a good find. The food was delicious and pretty good value.

Stuffed from dinner I headed back to the hotel to turn in for the night to digest my dinner.


Sunny Sunny
Hot (20-30C, 68-86F)